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How Does Mediation Work?

A party involved in a dispute contacts Community Mediation Services (CMS) by phone and discusses the problem with an intake specialist who will determine if mediation is the best possible course of action for resolving the matter.

  • If the dispute can best be resolved through mediation, the intake specialist will contact the other person(s) involved in the conflict and obtain their agreement to use CMS' services to work out the problem.

  • When all parties involved in the dispute have agreed to participate, a convenient time and location for a first mediation session will be arranged by CMS (the first mediation session is usually conducted within just a few days at CMS' office).

  • At mediation a highly skilled impartial CMS mediator will listen carefully to all parties and assist them in working out a resolution to their dispute that is agreeable to everyone involved. (Many disputes are resolved in just one, 2 to 3 hour session with a mediator.)

  • If an agreement is reached, the mediator will write out the details of the settlement and provide all parties with a copy.

  • CMS will follow up with all parties after mediation to make sure their voluntary settlement is working out to everyone's satisfaction.
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