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CMS provides CONFLICT RESOLUTION and MEDIATION TRAINING workshops ranging from 4 to 40 hours in length to educators, legal, mental health and business professionals as well as youth, parents, schools, employees, and neighborhood groups. (Continuing education credit is available for most professionals. See Fee Schedule.)

2-Day Basic Mediation Training $395

  • How to help disputants resolve a broad range of conflicts, including those occurring in the family, workplace and community
  • Criteria/strategies for determining whether mediation is appropriate for particular cases/disputants
  • How to effectively prepare disputants to meaningfully participate in mediation
  • The origins and dynamics of conflict
  • The three critical pieces of information about a dispute a mediator must identify in order to facilitate the resolution of any conflict
  • The seven stages through which every mediation passes, and how to guide disputants through them
  • Mediator ethics
  • How to help disputants effectively manage their emotions
  • How to draft disputants' agreements

40-Hour Domestic Mediation Training $925*

      *$825 if you have previously taken CMS Basic Training

  • How to help couples resolve divorce/seperation related issues in a way that meets their needs and those of their children
  • The origins and dynamics of domestic conflict
  • The "myths" about divorce and how they impede the healthy resolution of domestic conflict
  • How the role of a domestic mediator differs from the role of a legal advocate or family counselor
  • The psychological impact of divorce on adults and children and the implications for mediation
  • Ohio domestic relations law and its relevance to the mediation process
  • How to help couples plan to cooperatively parent their children
  • How to help couples divide marital assets and liabilities equitably
  • How to help couples arrange to maintain two financially stable households after divorce

1-Day Conflict Resolution Training $195

  • How to peacefully and respectfully resolve personal and professional disputes in which you are involved
  • How to successfully resolve disputes with clients, employees, supervisors, co-workers, vendors, family members and neighbors
  • How to resolve conflict using a "needs" rather than a "rights" based approach
  • How using five different conflict resolution approaches impact your future relationships with others
  • Tips for choosing the right conflict resolution approach for each dispute situation
  • Three critical pieces of information you must always get from the other party in order to successfully resolve your dispute
  • How to find a solution that will satisfy both you and the other party.


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