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What Types of Disputes Are Handled At Community Mediation Services?

Community/Neighborhood Disputes ~ zoning/land use issues, neighborhood economic development concerns; disagreements that may arise within or between neighborhood organizations, etc.

Individual Neighbor to Neighbor Disputes ~ noise, pets, litter, parking, property line infringements.

Family Disputes ~ parent/child and marital conflict, including divorce or separation-related concerns such as child custody/visitation/support and the division of joint property.

Tenant/Landlord Disputes ~ evictions, deposits, maintenance, damages, discrimination.

School Disputes ~ involving students/facility/staff/parents.

Workplace/Employment Disputes ~ over issues such as complaints about harassment, discrimination, terminations, and Americans with Disabilities Act related matters. 

Consumer/Supplier Disputes ~ unsatisfactory workmanship, services, merchandise; refunds; exchanges. 

Claims Involving Non-payment of Money, Loss or Damage of Property

Other Disputes ~ determined by CMS to be appropriate for resolution through mediation.

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